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Below you'll find some links to useful information in running your business:

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CRA Checklist for New Small Businesses


The Canada Revenue Agency has published a great checklist for new small business owners.

CRA Business Expense Guide

Not sure what expenses qualify for a tax deduction? Check out Canada Revenue Agency's Guide to Business Expenses

Important CRA Due Dates

  • Individuals and most business owners must file their income tax returns by April 30 of the year following the tax year for which the return is being filed.

  • If you are self-employed, however, the CRA extends the filing deadline to June 15, but it begins assessing interest on your tax due on April 30.

Payroll Deductions Calculator

The CRA has an online payroll deductions calculator.

CRA Records Retention Guidelines


The Canada Revenue Agency has specific guidance for records retention. 

Bank of Canada Currency Exchange Rates


The Bank of Canada publishes daily and average currency exchange rates.

Bank of Canada Interest Rates


The Bank of Canada publishes current interest rates.

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